Quality CP Propellers

Korsør Propeller A/S is determined to produce quality CP Propellers. We are offering a variety of CP Propellers for a power rating of up to approximately 3 500 KW and propeller diameter up to approximately 4 000 mm.

Our CP Propellers are designed for heavy duty application. The design is always made to ­avoid cavitation, noise, and vibrations, and to obtain optimal speed and thrust, - considering the customers request. The overall designs of the CP Propellers are all done in-house, keeping the knowledge and purpose of our design close in hand thus enabling us to assist our clients in any possible way from our main office.

At Korsør Propeller A/S we co-operate with all well-known classification societies around the world. Every CP Propeller is classified at our factory so it is ready for installation at site upon arrival at the shipyard.

Korsør Propeller A/S has supplied CP Propellers
for most commercial vessels:

• AHTS vessels
• Ferries
• Tankers
• Supply vessels
• Fishing trawlers
• Coast Guard vessels
• Anti Pollution vessels
• Dredgers
• Pilot vessels
• Super Yachts

The servo propeller type “ROS" and "RO” the conventionel propeller

Korsør Propeller A/S manufactures CP Propeller systems both with – and without a built-in servo system (for OD box connection). The servo propeller type “ROS” is our latest ­development. We also produce the traditional push-pull rod system where the servo unit is part of the gearbox. By offering our customers these various solutions, Korsør Propeller A/S is able to match most gearbox makes preferred.